Thursday, 8 April 2010

It's almost done

Yes, yes, yes - the pilot episode of North East Geek Feast is almost complete.

About a week ago I finished cutting down the 'Palate-Cleanser: Retail Review with Mike Thompson' and the 'Dessert: In conversation with Regan and Gav (Trenchfoot)'.

And in the last half-hour, we finished cutting the 'Main Course: Paper Jam Comics Collective documentary' featuring interview snippets with Andy Waugh, Brittany Coxon, Gary Bainbridge, Jack Fallows and Mike Thompson' and presented by Lily.

Now all we've go left to do is our review section and some links. Heading to my house now to sort this out. The podcast will be finished by the day's end - but all of the bumf around it may not be.

We've got to colour the logo, set-up a FB page and upload the podcast to a hosting website.



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