Friday, 30 April 2010

Episode Two...revealed!

Now that April has come to an end (or - at least - it will within a matter of hours) the next episode of North East Geek Feast is in the process of being put together.

It's very exciting that nearly 500 people have downloaded the first episode straight from Mevio (and we have no idea how many have just streamed it) and it looks like we might've sorted out getting it on iTunes (more on that when I know it's sorted out)! All great stuff.

The next episode will feature...

STARTER Reviews of Whit it! and Cemetery Junction, Doctor Who, X-Men: Second Coming and Great North Museum's Culture Shock exhibition.

PALATTE CLEANSER Retail Review with Mike Thompson of Travelling Man Newcastle.

MAIN COURSE A look at what we're geeky about. Me and Lily will discuss what we're passionate about in comics, film, TV, books and our major passions in life. Peppered with some input from the Facebook discussion and some vox pops.

DESSERT In conversation with Chris J Allan about his blog, '365 days of Film'.

Hopefully, this will all be up on Election Day - May 6th 2010. Hopefully.

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