Friday, 22 July 2011


It's been a while, we've been busy, we've missed you! Last night we felt vaguely sorry for ourselves. I have no more access to a pottery studio and Daniel is in the middle of waiting for art so we had some pent up creativity. We decided to vent this on a speedy podcast, it was six o'clock and we had to get it done by 12. Who doesn't love a challenge? So we gave you some news, some reviews of this little event.

And a discussion about something called the Super Fun Readers' Club. It's a mysterious club shrouded in mystery, want the skinny? Are you too square to be hip? You need Episode Nine of North East Geek Feast. Yup.

Oh, and we're so fly, we were finished by 11, who can live up to a self-imposed deadline? North East Geek Feast, that's generally who.