Friday, 9 April 2010

The pilot episode has arrived!

After all this time, it's finally done...

Daniel and Lily


  1. Just listening now. The jingles are brilliant, cracking me up. Hm, shame about still getting the odd metro in the background during Mike's retail reviiieeeww.
    Haha I sound like a really young child.

  2. Cheers, Britt. Yeah - there are some odd bits of sound in there but this was our first go. And it's still produced better than a fair few podcasts I've heard.

  3. Quality podcast, my friend.

    I sound horrible, but that's my vocal chords and inability to say anything interesting, rather than any fault on your behalf.

  4. I disagree entirely - IT WAS MY DOING! No, no...I think you sound eloquent and get the points across - that's why you're all over the documentary!

  5. Nah - it's largely cos I hate the sound of my own voice.

    But thank you for putting me all over the documentary - perhaps I was more eloquent than I thought.

    When you do that big "Andy Waugh" documentary you promised me (when I drugged you that time), I promise I'll be 100% more eloquent. Like Steven Fry and Will Self built a robot designed purely for public speaking.

  6. halfway through the first episode! GREAT so far! can't wait for to listen to the rest of the episodes