Friday, 16 April 2010

Main Course of Episode Two

Hello, everyone!

We've decided on a Main Course for the second episode. Due to the short amount of time we have to finish it and the fact not many of the listeners will know a damn thing about us, we've decided on...'What makes you geeky?'

This feature will include short interviews with various geeky people in the North East about their understanding of the term 'geek' and what sorts of things they are geeky about. We'll also be reading out a few of the listeners' geeky moments - if you want to get involved go to the Facebook discussion and tell us what you're geeky about (alternatively, you could post it as a comment on here).

Me and Lily will also be joining in giving our own geeky credentials so that the listeners have a much better idea about us and can, thus, enjoy our little ramblings a bit more.

Oh, and thank you for listening - over 400 downloads so far!

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