Tuesday, 30 March 2010

First episode preview

Hello, y'all!

The very first episode of North East Geek Feast is shaping up pretty good and should be online on Thursday 1st April (fingers crossed).

Here's what you can look forward to a gigantic feast of geek...

1. Some bloody brilliant Garageband-made links and jingles

2. STARTER Reviews of Kick Ass (the film), Comic Book Heroes (magazine), Breaking into Comics the Marvel Way and Girl Comics (comics), and the 24 Hour Comic Challenge (the event).

3. PALATE CLEANSER Retail Review of March with Mike Thompson, Travelling Man Newcastle's marvellous manager.

4. MAIN COURSE Paper Jam Comics Collective documentary featuring interviews with Martin Newman, Jack Fallows, Mike Thompson, Britt Coxon, Gary Bainbridge and Andy Waugh.

5. DESSERT In conversation with the boys behind Trenchfoot; Gav McPhail and the man known as Regan.

Well, better get back to editing...


  1. Where's this podcast you promised us?

  2. It's coming in the next 24 hours!