Monday, 8 March 2010

It has begun..!

Recording has begun for the pilot episode of North East Geek Feast, the new comics, TV, film, action figure, wrestling, etc, etc podcast from Daniel and Lily (et al).

From the moment we decided on the podcast’s title and gimmick, I knew exactly what I wanted from the segment links. Well, over the weekend I put Lily’s considerable vocal talents to task and recorded some great titles. Yes, it was a bit stressful due to the time of day we were recording at (late on Saturday night) but the finished recordings were exactly what I wanted - SUCCESS!

I also put together a nice little jingle for the podcast, which will go down in history (or not) as my first songwriting/arranging post-Squares.

On Tuesday night we’ll be sitting down to discuss the feature on Paper Jam Comics Collective and the featurette on Trenchfoot. We’ll hopefully get a few interviews recorded on Thursday.

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